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I'M NO (superhero)
12 February
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Random Fan Art of Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI. Lyrics from song 'Miss Me' by the singer Kat Parsons. Banner by Me!

A million thoughts in my head, nothing left to be said, and i feel like i'm betraying you; but there's nothing left to betray. And I'm not ready to make you stay when i'm only going to lose you anyway. I want you to taste me when you breathe, to smell my scent on your sheets, i want you to see me in your dreams - i want you to miss me; the way that i am missing you.

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I make my own graphics, all icons/layouts/banners are created by me unless otherwise stated. My list of commonly used resources can be found here.

My Current layout (soon to be changed) features Tegan and Sara. I made it on my resolution of 1280x800 only to later find out it looks crappy on other resolutions. I try to update as much as I can on here, and though my updates are usually spaced I try to put everything that's happened into them. Now ... off to work on the way this thing looks!

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