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Friends Only [20 Jan 2016|03:07pm]

This journal is F R I E N D S O N L Y.

1 - do not add me if you are a bigot or racist or closed-minded of any way shape or form. if you can't stand a specific type of person , don't even think of adding me.

2 - if you are a religious nut. no offense to anyone who is, that's all good for you but i don't believe in your religion and i don't want to hear about it all the time . i will not change who i am , and i don't care if you accept me.

3 - if you are never going to comment , please don't add me . i'm not a comment nazi , i don't comment all the time , but every once and a while would be nice.

4 - if you are going to try and talk to me on aim please IM me stating who you are (if you say you're first name i might know who you are) and please have something to talk about . once i get to know you i'll probably be able to start up a conversation , but i don't enjoy making conversation with people i don't know - i'm not good at it

5 - please don't be someone who contradicts themselves (I.E. 'ok so paris hilton is like my idol ... don't add me if you're skinny and think you're better than everyone for it) . that's just stupid ok? just ... don't

6 - try to talk in normal english . i will not always talk proper, and i will use a few internet words in my entries (on more than one occasion i'm sure of it) but don't be someone who 'typs lyk dis' because ... it annoys me.

7 - do not, i repeat, D O N O T steal any of my icons, banners, or layouts . i work very hard on them . if you ask me nicely enough i might make you something , or you could go join my community for graphics.

8 - this is my journal. don't come here and try to start a commotion, don't come here and try to argue with me about any of my rules . these are my rules, my journal . if you don't like my rules , go to your own journal and make your own.

I realize that currently my layout is ... odd looking to most of you. I work on a 1280 x 800 resolution so to me it looked perfectly fine, I will eventually get around to try and work on the layout and fixing it up for all of the rest of you to see. What is the most common screen resolution though? 800x600? I don't remember the other one at the moment. So for now, bear with me please.
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